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Hi! My name is Patty Graham and I have been in Direct Sales/Network Marketing for over 30 years. I have represented some of the biggest names out there and even built my own company from the ground up! I have built teams of over 200 consultants and have quickly climbed to the top with several major league companies in the industry. In the days before Facebook and Twitter, I created one of the first sites designed exclusively to help consultants from a wide variety of companies mingle and meet new clients in an online party setting.

I created this site so I can help others with tips and tricks on how you can organize your life, your family, your work life or small business to become more productive and free up time to devote to ENJOYING your life!

The biggest struggle has always been finding time for family and doing what we love. You have always worked hard and long hours to be able to provide for them, but many times, that means losing that quality time. Until recently.

I have discovered some very interesting tools and tricks that I am going to share with you! Be sure to sign up for my newsletters below. You can receive my new blog posts as they are added to the site.

I will be offering workshops with ways you can take your business to the next level.

I am also going to offer for purchase my custom-designed graphics for those who are looking for fresh new social media posts. Some are already loaded on the site and I have a LOT more coming your way!

For workshops and graphics, you can pay with PayPal, debit or credit card and coming very soon…. Sezzle!

So stay tuned!